Discourse Commentaries by Steve Runge

You don’t own a New Testament commentary like this these. Even if you have every commentary mentioned in Carson’s popular NT Commentary survey, you’ll find Steve Runge’s High Definition Commentaries a helpful addition to your library. Runge’s High Definition Commentaries on Romans and Philippians are 15% off for the next 24 hours (use HighDefCom at checkout), so I thought I would […]

Holmes-Parsons Ecclesiastes

Just the other day I was looking for a PDF of the Holmes-Parsons edition of Ecclesiastes. John Meade helped me find it online here. In fact, all five volumes are available online. Today, I got to see the real thing:

Recently Posted Hebrew Bible & DSS Media

The Marginalia Review of Books has interviewed Charlotte Hempel.     Martin Abegg tells why the Accordance’s DSS modules rock. If you wonder what DSS resources Accordance offers, see this post. Ken Penner also interviewed Martin Abegg about a year ago on this site. His questions were specifically about Abegg’s work with Accordance.   Fortress Press Live interviewed John J. Collins […]

Freedman and Kuhlken on Canon

The people who put together the Bible as we know it were very concerned with completeness. Their decisions were not random or haphazard. I believe that the Bible was put together around 400 B.C., well before the time of the Essenes at Qumrân, and that we can glimpse the compilers’ intentions by examining the Bible’s […]

Disciples Are Fit for Feet

I think Matthew 7:6 adds support to a previous post where I argued for an nontraditional understanding of “salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). Matthew 7:6 speaks of pigs trampling the disciples’ “holy things” and then turning to attack the disciples themselves. In the post titled “Disciples: Salt for Trampling,” I proposed that “salt of the earth” signifies the […]

More Vermes on the Canon

There is an overwhelming consensus in the most recent scholarship that there was no such thing as “Bible” or “canon” in the Second Temple period, and that is why I find it so entertaining how boldly and shamelessly Vermes says things like this: Some colleagues found the phrase, “Rewritten Bible” anachronistic. It is maintained  by Dead […]

Updated Hexapla Institute Website

John Meade just informed me that the Hexapla Institute website has been updated. According to John, they are trying to bring the online hub for “the Field for the 21st century” into the 21st century. Check it out for information on the history of the project, assigments, and more.