Loeb Online LibGuide

The James P. Boyce Centennial library posted a LibGuide I created for using the online Loeb Classical Library. The guide provides step-by-step instructions, via screenshots, for how to do the following: Access the full contents of the online Loeb Classical Library as an SBTS student Make and save highlights and notes Find Loeb volumes important for […]

CACS Post: Exegesis or Early Christianity

The Center for Ancient Christian Studies blog has a post in which I argue that one doesn’t have to choose between exegesis of Scripture and listening to early Christian authors. I point out the logical fallacy of pitting the two against each other and offer a few words of encouragement to those who value and advocate for both.

SBTS at SBL 2015

There are a handful of SBTS associated people presenting at SBL this year: Sunday, November 22 Michael T. Graham, Jr., “An Examination of Paul’s Use of Ps 51:4 in Rom 3:4 and Its Implications on Rom 3:1-8” – 1:30-2:00pm, Hilton-303 Shawn J. Wilhite, “Atonement in the Heavenly Holy of Holies: Early Reception of Atonement in […]

Handouts for Greek 1-2

I made these handouts to help students with what I find to be the biggest obstacles they face in trying to get started reading the Greek New Testament — keeping straight all the verb endings and understanding how to handle adjectives, participles, and a few other words. Adjective Position Rules Participle Position Rules Genitive Absolute Indicative & […]

OT Textual Criticism LibGuide

Students in Old Testament exegesis classes at SBTS regularly have to work through textual criticism projects. Gathering all the resources to make a table of witnesses is one of their biggest obstacles. I made this LibGuide to show them exactly what they need and where to find it in the library. Have a look if […]

Andrew Perrin on the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls

Ancient Jew Review has posted an interview I did recently with Andrew Perrin on his new book The Dynamics of Dream-Vision Revelation in the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls (V&R, 2015). Here’s a portion of the interview where Andrew is explaining the topic of the book and its intersection with modern scholarship: Highlighting the centrality of dream-visions to the thought world of the Aramaic […]

Published: Letters of Ignatius Greek Reader

GlossaHouse has published a book to which I and several others contributed —  The Letters of Ignatius: Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader. Brian Renshaw and Shawn Wilhite did the herculean task of editing and typesetting the book. Both Brian and Shawn have posted about how the project came about. The remaining volumes in the series should be […]