From Framing Houses to Framing Discourse

An Ιnterview with Steve Runge Last month, Steve Runge taught a class at SBTS on his Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament. While he was in town, he shared with us a bit of his story — a story I thought you would enjoy, too. BWD: Steve, thank you so much for making the trek […]

Interview with Two Editors of the Lexham English Septuagint

Rick Brannan and Ken Penner were kind enough to sit down and talk with me about a recently published English translation of the LXX, the Lexham English Septuagint (LES). I shared an early draft of these questions with a few friends who are involved in Septuagint studies, and couple of them had questions of their own. I […]

Hermeneia 2007-09 in Logos

If you do not have the complete Hermeneia series in Logos, this is the package with which to start. Logos sells newer Hermeneia volumes in three different upgrade bundles. I posted about the newest release here, but in this post I want to highlight the 2007-09 bundle, which includes the following: Mark, by Adela Yarbro Collins (2007) […]

Logos as LXX-MT Two-way Index

Questions: How do we use Logos Bible Software to find all the Greek words used to translate a particular Hebrew word? What about all the Hebrew words that are translated by a particular Greek word? Answer: See the two videos below. Both are less than 5 minutes (give them a few seconds to load). Logos […]

Dashing Babies or Regimes? (Psalm 137:9)

Othmar Keel’s The Symbolism of the Biblical World demonstrates how ancient Near Eastern iconography illuminates the conceptual world of Psalms. He includes a couple images that might reframe one’s understanding of Psalm 137:9. Psalm 137:9 (NRSV): Happy shall they be who take your little ones and dash them against the rock! In both images, a young prince sits on […]

Michael Bird’s Prolegomena to Evangelical Theology

Michael Bird compares the writing of theological prolegomena to clearing one’s throat, so I considered titling this post something like “clearing your throat with the gospel,” “a gospel throat-clearing,” or better, “gargling with the gospel.” Bird does not begin his systematic theology in the typical way—there is no philosophical defense of the existence of God […]

Biblioblog Carnival—October 2013

Fall—the most wonderful time of the year for biblical scholars! As the cool breeze refreshes our soul, anticipatory delight lifts our spirits and carries us over the mountains of unmarked papers. The road to the annual meeting is filled with sleepless nights, and the gutters flow full of blood-red ink. But fear not, my fellow […]