Logos and Perseus: May They Live Happily Ever After!

Soon, many (all?) of the resources accessible on the Perseus Digital Library site will be available in Logos. That is, one will be able to download and fully integrate these texts into Logos Bible Software. Yes, Greek texts as well. The real kicker is that the Perseus texts will be available FREE of charge! Here are the links to the Greek collection and the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri. See the Logos pre-pub page for more.

Logos has always made their Bible software platform, a few Bibles, and several old books available for free. But without a base package the software wasn’t very useful to the student or scholar. UNTIL NOW. The ability to download the Perseus texts to one’s hard drive and use Logos to view and search the texts will make Logos a fantastic, indispensable tool for anyone interested in the Greek language–even those who don’t get a base package and use the free engine only.

For those who do have a base package and/or stand alone Logos products, it will be ridiculously sick to have other resources like BDAG and LSJ hyperlinked to these texts. I’m sure it will take Logos a couple years to update their resources and get all the hyperlinking in place, but eventually they will get there.

So, @DanPritchett, how long do we have to wait?

UPDATE: According to Dan Pritchett, Executive VP of Logos Bible Software, on this forum post, Logos’s goal “is to be finished and ready to begin shipping around the beginning of September, if not sooner.”

Get all the details about the Logos-Perseus marriage here.

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