The Best Deal in Bible Software

This is an unsolicited, wholehearted recommendation of a particular Logos Bible Software bundle. The German Bible Society Bundle: Student Edition is the best deal in the Bible software market. By “best” I mean this bundle of books gives you the most bang for your buck. Logos recently reconfigured their German Bible Society packages in a way that is genuinely beneficial to anyone on a budget–especially students. If you are a student and want digital access to critical editions of the Bible, this package is worth every penny.

With an academic account, which is available to all students, the bundle costs $129.95 (with a regular Logos account, $217.95) and includes:

The package even includes the volumes of BHQ that are currently available in electronic format. The page for the regular (that is, not “Student Edition”) of the German Bible Society Bundle ($279.95) notes that when the Minor Prophets and Proverbs volumes are released electronically, they will be delivered via download at no additional cost. It is not clear whether this is true for the Student Edition. At the very least, the one who buys the Student Edition will receive the volumes including Deuteronomy, Ruth, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Lamentation, Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah.

The Wörterbuch zum Alten Testament includes German and English glosses for every word in the Hebrew Bible. The Kleines Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament, unfortunately, only includes German glosses. It is based on Barclay Newman’s Concise Greek-English Dictionary, a resource which is included in the regular/larger German Bible Society Bundle.

My one major critique of this bundle is that it does not include Newman’s Concise Greek-English Dictionary. That is, it does not include a dictionary with English glosses of New Testament vocabulary.

To get the best price you have to have an academic account with Logos Bible Software. To get an academic account with Logos…

  1. Sign up for a regular account with Logos. You can click the link here or go to and click the “register” link on the top-right of the homepage.
  2. Go to the Logos Academic page and fill out the application for the academic program. It is short and painless. You will have to submit a picture that shows you are a student. I take a screen clip of my school schedule online, save it as a picture, and attach that pic to the application. It will take a day or two for your account to officially be approved.

From now on, when people ask me where to start with Bible software, I will point them to this package. I’ve been using most of the Logos resources included in this package since 2008, and I’ve never once regretted making that purchase.


UPDATE 7/18/12: There is some question at the moment over whether or not the NA27 included in this package is morphologically tagged. See here. I know it was tagged in the old SESB package. That is, my copy of the resource is tagged. If the tagging has been removed from the NA27 for future purchases, I suspect it has something to do with a licensing issue between Logos and GRAMCORD, the morphological database that was coupled with this text. The other Logos editions of the Greek New Testament come with a different morphological database. I’ll update this post when I hear more.


UPDATE 9/7/12: I met with a student that purchased this exact package, and he confirmed that the NA27 IS morphologically tagged, just like it was in the old Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible. Nothing has changed. This is good news.

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