Andreas Schuele, An Introduction to Biblical Aramaic  in Bulletin for Biblical Research 23.2 2013, pp. 249-251.

Lee Martin McDonald, The Formation of the Church’s Canon in Trinity Journal, forthcoming.

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Weston W. Fields, The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Full History, vol. 1, 1st ed. (Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2009). 592 pp. $111.00

The following three reviews are heavy on summary (a  few pages) and light on critique/response (about a page). I realize this is not the balance many people like to see in a review, but that is what I was asked to do with these three. If you are considering whether or not you should buy one of these books and/or you want more info concerning what exactly the authors discuss, please, have a read.

Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva, Invitation to the Septuagint (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2000).

Jennifer Mary Dines, The Septuagint (T&T Clark, 2004).

Natalio Fernández Marcos, The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible (Society of Biblical Literature, 2009).

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