Enjoying Brothers Karamazov

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about self-deception in Brothers Karamazov, Proverbs, and Avett lyrics, and that post was in part a testimony to how much I’m enjoying reading Brothers. I want to make a few other simple observations here. One thing I love about Brothers Karamazov is how short the chapters are.…More

Live Click and a 3-Column Setup for Accordance

Live Click is my favorite feature of Accordance, and yesterday I created a few new workspaces to better take advantage of its features. I use Accordance primarily as a reading companion, a place to turn to for reference resources as I read from a print text. Most frequently, I look to Accordance to be a…More

Self-Deception in Proverbs, Dostoevsky, and the Avetts

An interesting thread appeared this morning while doing some reading in Proverbs. The thread runs through Proverbs, Brothers Karamazov, and an Avett Brothers song, and I think it’s worth explaining. Proverbs In Proverbs 14:8 there is a word at the end of the verse that is normally glossed something like “deceit” or “treachery.” So the…More

New Daily Biblical Language Readers in Accordance

Accordance has released a host of new daily readers that focus on the original languages of the Bible. All of these are based on 365 day reading plans, starting today, January 1. Each provides the type of readings you can work through in less than five minutes a day, which means if you fall behind…More

Why Blog in 2021?

In May of 2021, this site will be ten years old, and I intend to keep it going. Why would someone choose to blog in 2021? It is now way cooler to have a podcast or YouTube channel. My answer has two parts but is simple. First, I blog because I enjoy writing — especially…More

Back to the Mac

For the past five years, I have used an iPad Pro as my primary computer. This weekend, I traded in my 12.9” iPad Pro (2018) for an M1 MacBook Air. In this post, I want to explain why. When my son heard I planned to trade in my iPad he was horrified, and as I…More

Hippolytus and Searching Koine Texts in Accordance

Accordance has just released a morphologically tagged edition of Hippolytus’ works. The resource contains the tagged Greek text, an English translation, and a notes module. It is currently on sale for $19.90. These are the works that are included: Fragments on the Interpretation of Daniel On Christ and Antichrist Against the Jews Against Plato on…More

The Draw to Dostoevsky

It’s Crime and Punishment part two, chapter five tonight. I’m struck by how much of the story can be glimpsed in this one chapter. We meet Petr Petrovich, a true antagonist, and he immediately shows his character. He wants to marry Raskolnivok’s sister, and he wants to put his elightened mind on display in this…More

Why is Reading 2 Corinthians so Slow?

There are a couple practical reasons. 2 Corinthians is very personal in nature, and it is sort of a one-sided conversation. You could look at the commentary introductions to get a technical description of the genre, but I just want to note that it is very similar to a type of Greek that we are…More

Anchor Yale Bible Commentary in Accordance

The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary (AYBC) is commonly thought of as a full-scale critical commentary covering the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament, but it is more than that. I value AYBC because, while it is a great example of a critical commentary, its full-scale nature means the authors frequently offer multifaceted readings and insights.…More