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Spring Starts Monday

This is the last day of "Christmas break." The Spring semester starts Monday. Honestly, the break has been too long, and I'm ready to get going. By that I do not mean I'm bored. There has been plenty to do, but I look forward to seeing fellow students more often. During December and January, I did some pleasure reading/reading for work (The Hunger Gamesand Forever Odd), had the opportunity to proof read Kingdom through Covenant, slowly read through Genesis 1-11, and as I said I would in this post, I studied Hebrew and Aramaic grammars.

This semester I'll be participating in three weekly seminars:

Exegesis of Isaiah (w/Peter Gentry) on Tuesday and Thursday

Theological German (w/Mark Seifrid) on Tuesday and Thursday

Targumic Aramaic (w/Russell Fuller) on Thursday

Jim Hamilton will also be leading OT colloquium for us, though I'm not yet sure what we will be focusing on or when we will meet. [Update, 2/11/12: We will be studying (individually, throughout the semester) and discussing (the day we meet) the way 1 Enoch uses the Old Testament]

Reggie Clark and I will be TA-ing for Dr. Gentry's Old Testament II, as we did last semester for OT I.

That's what I've been up to and what I'll be up to in the coming months. I've posted here a little less frequently during the break. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use this blog, what I want its identity to be. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. I try to keep it mostly school and biblical studies focused, with the addition of the semi-regular "practical readings" post. I figure there's Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and coffee shops for more personal interaction.

To those of you with whom I regularly work and take classes: know that you are missed, and I'm looking forward to another great semester.

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