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3 Reflections on Jonah

I've posted three reflections on Jonah as a character in the book of Jonah:

But there is certainly more to say. For example, I've said nothing about how "the sign of Jonah" in Matthew might color one's reading. How do you think of Jonah? To whom can we compare him? What other text or character, whether biblical or not, helps you understand the portrayal of Jonah in the book bearing his name? Hopefully someone else will take this up.

I'm officially tagging Brian LePort, Brian Renshaw, the Parks, Abram K-JAndrew King, Patrick Schreiner, and John Meade because I know these people read the Bible theologically and as literature and/or because I know they have been working in Jonah recently. Of course, comment from Jim West is always welcome. If I can pull Joseph away from his dissertation long enough to write a post, I would love to hear from him as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I hope to inspire a little horizontal blogging, but comments are welcome from any and all. If you don't want to write a full post, comment here.

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