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Enjoying Brothers Karamazov

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about self-deception in Brothers Karamazov, Proverbs, and Avett lyrics, and that post was in part a testimony to how much I’m enjoying reading Brothers. I want to make a few other simple observations here. One thing I love about Brothers Karamazov is how short the chapters are.…

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The Draw to Dostoevsky

It’s Crime and Punishment part two, chapter five tonight. I’m struck by how much of the story can be glimpsed in this one chapter. We meet Petr Petrovich, a true antagonist, and he immediately shows his character. He wants to marry Raskolnivok’s sister, and he wants to put his elightened mind on display in this…

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Raskól & Razúm

Chapter five of Crime and Punishment is the hardest to read — the one where the poor horse is beaten to death. It is a dark, brutally vivid premonition. Just before the fateful day, Raskolnikov is walking around in fits of passion, unsure what he will do next. He lies down and sleeps and dreams.…

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