The Neglected Biblical Language

That is how Miles Van Pelt describes Aramaic. He continues, It does not enjoy the status of a classical language like Greek, nor can it boast of being the language of approximately 75 percent of the Christian Bible, as Hebrew does. But we must not allow either status or statistics to preclude our commitment to…More

Fall 2011 in Review

הללויה Thursday morning I handed in my last assignment of the semester. This was my first semester in the Old Testament PhD program at SBTS.  This program requires a couple years of class work before one starts writing. Halfway through the semester, I thought I might never write this post. Thank the Lord for helping…More

Literary Ties Between Genesis 3 and 4

Genesis 4 is essentially a reenactment of Genesis 3. There are plenty of significant differences between the two chapters, but here are the literary similarities, as I see it. As is well noted, the only occurrences of the the word translated “desire” (תשׁוקה) are in these two chapters (3:16/4:7). Eve’s desire will be for her…More

Genesis 3-4 and the Double-Love Command

In Matthew 22, when an expert in the Mosaic Law approached Jesus and asked which commandment is the greatest, Jesus summed up the the Law and the Prophets with the double-love command: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is…More

Zotero 3.0 Beta

I just realized that Zotero 3.0 beta has been released. There are a lot of cool new features: a standalone app, Google Chrome implementation, duplicate file management, a nifty new way of inserting citations into Word, and lots more. I’ve only played around with it for a few minutes, but I’ll be using it as…More

On Pursuing Wisdom East of Eden

Everyone wants to be wise. The problem is that pursuing wisdom apart from God can lead to disaster. That is part of what went wrong in the garden. Genesis 3:6 says, ותרא האשׁה כי … נחמד העץ להשׂכל … ויאכל When the woman saw that eating from the tree was (among other things) able to…More

To the One Who Knows the Hidden Things

I have an exam this week on Aramaic morphology, so it was encouraging to read these words today: הוא גלא עמיקתא ומסתרתא ידע מה בחשׁוֹכא He is the one who reveals the deep and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness. Daniel 2:22 The hidden things I need revealed are the specifics of…More

Oldest Known Fragments of the LXX

If you have had an NT Introduction class, you have probably heard of p52, the oldest known fragment of the NT. But do you know what is the oldest known fragment of the LXX? Check out Greek Papyrus 458 of the John Rylands Library. It’s from the 2nd century BCE and contains portions of Deuteronomy 23-28.…More

Paul Loved People

Over the past couple years, I’ve struggled to connect with Paul (the apostle). I realize that part of this has to do with the fact that I’ve not recently spent much time in his letters, but it is also because, when I think of Paul and his letters, I still think of “Paul the logistician.”…More

Critical Editions Online

The German Bible Society has a really nice website where you can access their critical editions. See here: BHS, LXX, NA27, UBS4, Vulgate and more One cool way to use the site is to link to specific passages in blog posts or tweets. For instance, here, you can check out the story where Paul preaches…More