Paul and the Whirlwind in Acts

When I think of imitation of Christ in Acts, the first picture that usually comes to mind is that of Stephen in chapter 7. Today, however, it’s Paul in chapters 21–22. In Acts 21:10–14, a prophet warns Paul that in Jerusalem he will be bound and treated severely. His friends begin weeping and begging him…More

Sights and Sounds of Acts

There are some cool words and expressions in Acts 21:3 that I want to point out. ἀναφάναντες δὲ τὴν Κύπρον καὶ καταλιπόντες αὐτὴν εὐώνυμον ἐπλέομεν εἰς Συρίαν καὶ κατήλθομεν εἰς Τύρον· ἐκεῖσε γὰρ τὸ πλοῖον ἦν ἀποφορτιζόμενον τὸν γόμον. First, ἀναφαίνω, which BDAG glosses … light up, cause to appear … τὴν Κύπρον we came…More

LXX Psalm 6, “Mercy, Justice, Quickly”

For the end, in psalms, for the eighth; a psalm of David Lord, don’t deal with me in your anger; Don’t correct me in your wrath! Have mercy on me, Lord, because I am weak; restore me, Lord, because my bones were shaken, and my life was shaken utterly! And you, Lord, when?! Turn, Lord!…More

Raskól & Razúm

Chapter five of Crime and Punishment is the hardest to read — the one where the poor horse is beaten to death. It is a dark, brutally vivid premonition. Just before the fateful day, Raskolnikov is walking around in fits of passion, unsure what he will do next. He lies down and sleeps and dreams.…More

LXX Psalm 5

For the end, for the heir — a psalm of David To my words listen, Lord! Make sense of my cry. Pay attention to the sound of what I’m asking, my king and my God, because I will pray to you, Lord. In the morning, you will hear my voice. In the morning, I will…More

LXX Psalm 4

For the end with psalms — a song of David When I called, the God of my justice heard me. When hard-pressed, you made space for me. Have compassion and hear my prayer. Sons of men, how long will you be thick-headed? Why do you love ridiculousness and chase a lie? ※ And know well…More

LXX Psalm 3

A psalm of David when he was running from Absolom his son Lord, why have those who persecute me become so many? Many stand against me. Many say about me, “There is no safety for him in his God.” ※ But you, Lord, are the one who protects me, my glory and the one who…More

Apollos OT Commentary in Accordance

The Apollos Old Testament Commentary (10 vols.) is distinguished by its devotedly Christian approach to scripture while at the same time being thoroughly conversant with the broader field of biblical scholarship. This is what I love about it. To compare it to other commentary series, it is more like the Word Biblical Comentary than Anchor…More

LXX Psalm 2

Why have nations proudly postured and people let their minds wander over ridiculous things? The kings of the earth stood by, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord and his annointed one. “Let’s break their bonds and throw off their yokes!” ※ The one who lives in heaven laughs at them, and the…More

LXX Psalm 1

Blessed is the man who has not walked in the counsel of the ungodly. In the way of sinners he didn’t stand, and in the seat of thugs he didn’t sit. Instead, in the law of the Lord is where his desire is found, and in the law of the Lord his thoughts wander day…More