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NT in the Didache using Accordance 11

Here is a 2 minute video (no sound) showing how to use the INFER-search in Accordance to find potential citations and allusions to the NT in the Didache. You can open the video in a new tab by clicking in the top right of the embedded video. The steps: Type an asterisk and press ENTER […]

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Echoes of Cain in the Prophecy of Isaiah

When I read Isaiah 1, I can’t help but hear echoes of the story of Cain. I’m sure this has everything to do with the fact that I have been thinking and posting about Genesis 3-4 lately. Hear me out, and let me know what you think. First the text, and then an explanation. Doing […]


Insights from My Wife on Intertextuality

I walked into the room and said to her, “I’m gonna take a shower.” She responded, “What you do, do quickly.” I stopped dead in my tracks, turned, and stared at her for a moment with squinted eyes. “Did you just call me Judas?” She giggled and said, “Nooo. I just used Jesus’ words to […]