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What is the Benefit of Greek & Hebrew?

Some say reading in Greek and Hebrew versus reading in English is like the difference between watching a show in color versus black and white. Others might say something like 2D versus 3D. I don’t think these metaphors are the best ways to describe the experience. Reading in Greek and Hebrew slows me down and […]


Genesis 12 & the Exodus

In a sense, Genesis 12 foreshadows the Exodus. After Abram got Sarai to agree to lie about her relationship with him, they entered Egypt. As expected, she is taken into Pharaoh’s palace, and as expected: 12:16 – It went well for Abram. He gained flocks and cattle, male and female servants, donkeys, and camels. God […]

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Hebrew Just Takes Longer

Compared to Greek, I think it takes about twice as long to make it through the elementary grammar phase of learning biblical Hebrew. This is discouraging for many students. I know it was for me. If you are struggling with first or second year Hebrew, just know that this is normal — you’re OK. Why […]

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Bible Odyssey: What is the Oldest Bible?

I wrote an article for Bible Odyssey answering this question. Bible Odyssey is an online initiative of SBL intended to communicate the results of scholarship to a popular audience. The article is a response to several user questions related to the issue of “oldest Bible.” I tried to explain that the answer depends on what […]

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Summer Hebrew Reading @SBTSlibrary

Just a reminder that our summer Hebrew reading workshop starts tomorrow morning at 8-9am (Mullins room, library 3rd floor). You can see all the details here.

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HB in the DSS using Accordance 11

Here is a video showing how you can use the INFER-search to find direct or indirect references to the Hebrew Bible in the DSS. The steps are the same as those listed yesterday for the NT in the Didache post. There is audio in this one. Steps: Open a tagged Hebrew Bible, limit your search […]