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Logos as LXX-MT Two-way Index

Questions: How do we use Logos Bible Software to find all the Greek words used to translate a particular Hebrew word? What about all the Hebrew words that are translated by a particular Greek word? Answer: See the two videos below. Both are less than 5 minutes (give them a few seconds to load). Logos […]

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‘Warning’ or ‘Turning’ in Isaiah 8.11

This text-critical problem has been my hobby horse for a while now. I’ve posted on the problem before, but since then I have changed my mind and completely reworked my paper as a critique of the solution offered by the Comité pour l’analyse textuelle de l’Ancien Testament hébru. I presented this last semester in the […]

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MT and the “Oldest Text” of Jeremiah

Last week in our Hebrew syntax class we finished going through Jonah, and during the last few minutes of class we read through a passage in Jeremiah. At the end of class, a student raised  his hand and said, “I heard that the oldest text of Jeremiah does not include certain messianic passages. Is this […]