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SBTS at SBL 2015

There are a handful of SBTS associated people presenting at SBL this year: Sunday, November 22 Michael T. Graham, Jr., “An Examination of Paul’s Use of Ps 51:4 in Rom 3:4 and Its Implications on Rom 3:1-8” – 1:30-2:00pm, Hilton-303 Shawn J. Wilhite, “Atonement in the Heavenly Holy of Holies: Early Reception of Atonement in…

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Biblioblog Carnival—October 2013

Fall—the most wonderful time of the year for biblical scholars! As the cool breeze refreshes our soul, anticipatory delight lifts our spirits and carries us over the mountains of unmarked papers. The road to the annual meeting is filled with sleepless nights, and the gutters flow full of blood-red ink. But fear not, my fellow…

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