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Advice for New Greek Students

A friend asked me this morning, “What is the number one piece of advice you’d give a new Greek student?” Here’s my reply, assuming a seminary context: The Goal The end game is reading, and it is utterly possible. You must know that what you are doing is preparing for a life of reading Scripture…

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On Teaching Greek

I did a three hour talk today on teaching Greek in a middle/high school context. This was a part of the the Classical Latin School Association teacher training conference. Here’s a portion of my notes, the online handout. I wrote the handout in Ulysses‘ iPad app and exported it to PDF using a customized version…

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Word for Mac & iOS

For writing anything more than a note, I use two apps: Ulysses and Word. I like one of them and tolerate the other. I’m just going to tell you about Word today, the one I tolerate. If I weren’t a student and a teacher, I would never touch Word because Ulysses is absolutely sublime. If…

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