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On Teaching Greek

I did a three hour talk today on teaching Greek in a middle/high school context. This was a part of the the Classical Latin School Association teacher training conference. Here’s a portion of my notes, the online handout. I wrote the handout in Ulysses‘ iPad app and exported it to PDF using a customized version…

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Posts on Writing & Notes Apps

Here are a few posts I’ve written on the four writing and notes apps I use: Apple Notes, GoodNotes, Word, and Ulysses. Ulysses is 🔥 Word for Mac & iOS My Two Notetaking Apps (Apple Notes and GoodNotes) Reading & Digital Notetaking (GoodNotes) I’m pretty happy with this workflow, and each apps seems to be…

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Ulysses is 🔥

Ulysses is the best writing app for Mac and iOS. It is a gorgeous, minimal, markdown writing environment that does just about everything perfectly. I write everything in Ulysses except academic papers and classroom assessments. First, the app is beautiful. I’m not, however, going to post a bunch of pictures because their website does a…

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