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Slightly off-topic, but interesting (and edifying) nonetheless:
Chris Tilling just tweeted a link to an excellent talk that he recently gave on the concept of power in the NT.

According to Chris, in the NT and the ancient world in general, “power” is a theological concept. Yet in the NT power is understood in light of Jesus and the Trinity, and therefore it has explicitly counter-cultural associations:

Because he was one with God, powerful beyond description, he humbled himself for others.

The concluding paragraph of the main section:

What are some key NT themes associated with power? Power is exercised not occasionally for the sake of others, but power is defined as a life spent for the sake of others, in loving service. This is a picture which our brief overview of power in the ancient and modern worlds throws into stark relief. Rather than power OR weakness, power is perfected IN weakness.
He closes the talk with a section titled, “Power and Being a Man.” The whole transcript is well worth your time!