Creating the Samaritan Pentateuch Symbol in Word

Through much googling and a few conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, I finally figured out how to type the symbol used in BHS (et al.) to refer to the Samaritan Pentateuch.
There are two things you need: the Unicode combination and a font that will display this symbol.

  1. The unicode combination is 214f
  2. The Apparatus SIL font will display the character. It is downloadable here.

Once you have installed the font, in a Word document type “214f” and then hit “alt + x” to create the symbol. Initially, you will see a box, denoting the fact that your default font doesn’t properly display the symbol. If you highlight the box and change the font to Apparatus SIL, the symbol will display correctly.

Thanks to Bryan Lilly for finding the Unicode combination for me.