Unicode Combos for Common Apparatus Symbols

Here are a few more Unicode combinations for symbols commonly found in an apparatus:

These are just a few I’ve used in papers and notes. Rodney Decker has much more info on the ins and outs of Unicode here. See my previous post for more info on how to create these symbols in Word. Don’t forget about macros! Using a macro, with one key stroke you can type the combination, hit “alt + x”, change the font, etc.

Throw this information in a note file; you never know when you might need it. 😉

UPDATE 5/7/12:

Unicode combos for all Hebrew letters, vowels, accents, etc. can be found in this chart.

Patrick Schreiner posted a list of symbols used in the NA27 and Editio Critica Maior. The second column has the unicode numbers in it.