Dead Sea Scrolls LibGuide

I created a Dead Sea Scrolls LibGuide for the library at SBTS.

A LibGuide is a webpage that highlights key resources on a particular topic and guides students as to where they can find these resources in the library. For instance, if you click on Discoveries in the Judaean Desert under the “Texts” tab, you will be directed to a WorldCat list of all 40 volumes, and there you can see each call number. The home page highlights Fitzmyer’s Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls, a book that will help students navigate the major publications. I added a brief annotation to each featured resource.

I will continue to build up the guide as time permits. For future reference, there is a LibGuides link (second one) on the left side of the library home page. There you can see several other LibGuides on topics such as Baptist history, Patristics and Early Christianity, etc. Several others are in the works. I’m currently working on one for Old Testament exegesis and one for Septuagint studies. I hope this is helpful for at least a few curious students!

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4 responses to “Dead Sea Scrolls LibGuide”

  1. This is great! I really appreciate it.
    I’ve noticed there’s some DSS stuff in Accordance and Logos, and a little in BibleWorks… do you have any sense of how the various options compare? Or do you know if someone has posted somewhere about it?

  2. Yeah, I have been underwhelmed with the non-biblical DSS database in BibleWorks and Logos. For whatever reason navigation of the database (it’s the same one) is slow in both programs, which is particularly odd for BibleWorks. In Logos, something is up with the way the lemmatization is implemented in the morph search. I posted about it in their forums. I’m working on a comparative review, but I’m trying to wait until December when I get a review copy of Accordance for Windows.
    I think it is safe to say that the best electronic resource for non-biblical DSS is Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library, vol. 3 (which is an updating of vol. 1-2). It is fantastic. Includes images, transcriptions, translations, and more. It is tagged, and navigation is super snappy.
    Logos’s biblical DSS database DOES work really well with the text comparison tool.

  3. Thanks, Brian–that’s really helpful. Is the Brill library available in or integratable with any of the big three Bible softwares?