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This just came across my Twitter feed and is worth your attention:

Thanks to James Tauber and the MorphGNT project (as well as Logos and Michael Holmes), the SBL Greek New Testament is now online and morphologically tagged. As James mentioned in the comments, he is responsible for the morphological tagging. The SBLGNT has been available online free of cost since 2010, but as of today one can access the text with morphological tagging via the link above. Just hover your mouse over a word to see its parsing. The project has a Twitter account you can follow for updates: @morphgnt

James, thanks so much for all your hard work!

You can find more information about the SBL Greek New Testament here. I’ll update this post with more info as it comes out.

2 responses to “Morphologically Tagged SBLGNT Online”

  1. The text is courtesy of Logos (and of course Michael W. Holmes) but the morphological tagging is from the MorphGNT project and I’m responsible for any and all errors.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work on this, James. This will be a great benefit to students (et al), especially first year Greek students that haven’t yet purchased a Bible software program.