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You can read the full review here, but I wanted to highlight these statements:

The volume under review is a must read for every student of the Hebrew Bible, serving as a valuable tool for exegetes and Bible translators alike. The author has successfully achieved his goal of providing interpreters of the Hebrew Bible with an insightful analysis of the meaning and use of the Hebrew verbal forms… This volume represents a significant advancement in our knowledge of the classical Hebrew prose verbal system…

If I remember correctly Ken Penner is reviewing this book as well. I look forward to hearing Ken’s thoughts and diving into Joosten’s book myself.

One response to “Jerome Lund Reviews Jan Joosten’s Book on the Hebrew Verbal System”

  1. kmpenner

    I just saw this post. I’m not formally reviewing Joosten’s work, but I can say I agree with it and with Lund’s review.