Review of DSS Software

I have begun posting a multi-part comparative review of Dead Sea Scrolls resources in Logos, BibleWorks, Accordance, and Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library. The current plan is to do 7 posts, one on each of these topics:

  1. Necessary background information
  2. Available DSS texts
  3. Interview: Ken Penner talks with Martin Abegg, the person behind all electronic DSS
  4. Displaying the texts
  5. Searching
  6. Lexica and Secondary Resources
  7. Final Thoughts and Critique

If you have any questions, suggests, or particular things you would like to see covered, feel free to let me know in the comments.


3 responses to “Review of DSS Software”

  1. Looking forward to your reviews, Brian. You may already have this planned for your 3rd part on the display of the texts, but it will be good to see how each program handles:- synchronization of DSS texts with English translations and hooks into the lexica
    – synchronization and presenation of the biblical DSS texts with the BHS