HB in the DSS using Accordance 11

Here is a video showing how you can use the INFER-search to find direct or indirect references to the Hebrew Bible in the DSS. The steps are the same as those listed yesterday for the NT in the Didache post. There is audio in this one. Steps:

  1. Open a tagged Hebrew Bible, limit your search as you would like, type an asterisk and press ENTER to find all the words in the range you prefer.
  2. Open your non-biblical DSS and run an INFER-search. You can also right-click and use the search back feature, as I showed yesterday, but that isn’t relevant for this video since I limited it to one verse in the Hebrew Bible.


3 responses to “HB in the DSS using Accordance 11”

  1. I’ve noticed that you sold a lot of your Logos resources and went over to Accordance. Reason?

  2. Ryan, over the past few years it has become clear to me that Logos’ focus and my focus are not inline. They constantly have problems with Hebrew display, especially with the DSS. They don’t seem as concerned about producing primary texts with the accuracy and robust tagging that students and scholars need. Accordance has more primary sources in the original languages with better tagging. Logos’ mobile app is horrible, as well. I’ve reported all this on the forums for years, and though I get a response, things are still a mess. There are, however, certain resources in Logos that are extremely valuable and you can’t get anywhere else — for example, Steve Runge and Josh Westbury’s work on discourse grammar, as well as the Logos LXX (“Septuagint with Logos Morphology”), which aligns the Hebrew and Greek in a way that allows you to use the resource as a Hebrew-Greek two-way index. I have a post about that on this blog.

  3. By tagging, are you meaning morphologically? Have you had any issues with Logos and Greek. I noticed your issues with the Hebrew and DSS, but anything Greek resources?