CACS Post: Exegesis or Early Christianity

The Center for Ancient Christian Studies blog has a post in which I argue that one doesn’t have to choose between exegesis of Scripture and listening to early Christian authors. I point out the logical fallacy of pitting the two against each other and offer a few words of encouragement to those who value and advocate for both.


3 responses to “CACS Post: Exegesis or Early Christianity”

  1. Brian,I found your reflections on how to better facilitate a positive orientation toward early Christian literature thought-provoking. I have two related questions/observations:
    * Can the same things be said about second-temple Judaism and Greco-Roman philosophy? There is a similar discussion going on about the relationship between those and “pure” biblical exegesis.
    *Maybe another good way to facilitate a positive stance toward early Christian literature is to give examples of how those writers have helped, or deepened your understanding of Scripture.
    Great discussion,
    Mike Settle

  2. Yes, Mike. I totally agree. We need examples. I was discussing this same thing with Shawn the other day. I think it would be good to do a CACS conference on the relationship between exegesis and ancient Christianity. And yes — same thing with 2nd temple and Greco-Roman literature. “Pure,” acontextual exegesis is a myth.

  3. One more comment: part of the problem is the idea, often working below the surface and not admitted or even realized, that the goal of reading scripture and exegesis is to get the right answer.