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Oscar Wilde & Acts 27

Paul Jean Clays, via Wikimedia Commons
Paul Jean Clays, via Wikimedia Commons

Sententiae Antiquae posted “Oscar Wilde reads Greek…and more” last year, and I’ve thought about it several times since. The post tells the story of Oscar Wilde being asked to read Acts 27 at his viva. Though he had never read the passage, his classics training allowed him to breeze through and translate it easily. Sententiae Antiquae provides more background to the story. It’s a delightful post that I’ve been meaning to point out since it was first tweeted @sentantiq.

Tomorrow will be the last day this year that my ninth graders and I meet for Greek 3. We will foray into Acts 27 beginning with verse 13 and see how far they can get with the help of their reader’s Bibles. I think we’ll read a portion of the Oscar Wilde post to start the class off, as well.