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We are about two weeks into the 2016-17 school year, and it’s off to a great start.
Major highlight of the new year: I have 20 students coming to my 7am Greek 3, NT Readings elective. The first year I taught at HLS I set a goal of having 20 in Greek 3, so when the 20th arrived on Friday I was thrilled.

This year I’m teaching the following:

HLS on Tuesday-Friday

  • Two units of Greek 1
  • Two units of Greek 2
  • Greek 3, NT readings elective
  • Two units of Logic/Rhetoric

Cottage school on Mondays

  • Henle 1 Latin

Memoria Press Online Academy on Mondays

  • Greek 1
  • Greek 2

I’m looking forward to cool fall weather and an exciting year.

2 responses to “Beginning of Year Four at HLS”

  1. Wanda Henderson

    That sounds great!! You must be a great teacher!

  2. Excellent! Great photo–big kudos to those young people. (And nice Zondervan Reader’s Greek Bible–I like this new edition better than their other ones, for sure.) What are they reading through?