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Apple Music

My wife and I have subscribed to Apple Music since the service released, and we love it.

Here are a few ways I would like to see it improve:

  1. I wish it were a little better at helping me find new releases and particularly new releases that I’ll enjoy.
  2. I would like to see the user interface improve, but I don’t have specific suggestions other than the fact that it seems cluttered. It’s not bad, but at times I find myself clicking more frequently than I would like or wanting to get somewhere in the app and having to hunt for how to do so. It’s just so filled with stuff. Also, I don’t totally understand the distinction between the “For You” and “Browse” tabs.
  3. Getting the family membership set up wasn’t as straightforward as I would have liked because it happens through iCloud family sharing. My family doesn’t want to share anything besides a music subscription so jumping through the iCloud family sharing hoops was a confusing start.
  4. There is a nice 50% student discount, but again signing up for it is not as straightforward as it should be. They make you sign up for and verify a UNiDAYS account, and UNiDAYS is so gross. I’m not even linking to it because it’s basically spam.
  5. If you are part of a family membership, the student discount doesn’t help you and applying for it can lead to this confusing chain of events (quote taken from the next to last section of the student discount page):
  6. If you’re the organizer of a Family Sharing group, and you change to a Student Membership, the rest of your group will lose access to Apple Music. The next time they sign in to Apple Music, each family member will see an option to join as an individual member. If you remain the family organizer, you’ll continue to be billed for your Family Sharing group’s iTunes purchases, including memberships and subscriptions.

Love Apple Music, but these are some things I would like to see change.