“Calm by Design”

Over the weekend Renshaw tweeted a TED talk that caused me to rearrange my iPhone home screen.

Mike Williams’ talk goes something like this:

  • Problem: You are distracted by design. You are constantly pulled towards your phone, and this hampers your abilty to enjoy life.
  • Comfort: You aren’t alone. We are all in this together.
  • Cause: Tricksters (programmers and designers) daily work to pull you towards their apps as often as possible.
  • Solution: Calm by design.
    1. Clear your homescreen and set your background pic to something you find calming.
    2. Put your most used apps one swipe to the right on a second home screen.
    3. Turn off all notifications except the ones you need.

Now when you turn on your phone you are greeted by a calming image. You now have some space between you and “the jungle” of distraction.

My homescreen now looks like this:

One swipe to the right looks like this:

We’ll see how this goes.

Give it a listen yourself: