Writing Every Day

This marks my first full month of posting every weekday. About a month ago, Renshaw and I made a commitment to posting every day, and so far both of us have kept our promise.

This week has been particularly difficult because I’ve been on vacation, visiting with family, and I’ve also had a looming deadline to get all my grades in by midnight tonight. I’m almost there with the grades, and I’ve still got about 45 minutes.

My routine has been to write whenever I have a chance during the few down times during the day. Not a set time in the morning, just here and there. I have been surprised that I have not lacked for something to write. There is something about just knowing that you have to post everyday that creates ideas. “What should I write about?” That question lingers on the back burner all day, and ideas come. When the ideas come, I open a new sheet in Ulysses, write down the topic and maybe a line or two stating the thesis of the post. Several of these pile up, and when the morning comes I pick the one I am most interested in writing about. That’s about as complicated as it gets. I’ve already seen my writing improve, and if you have any inclination towards writing everyday, I recommend trying a similar write-every-day resolution and see how it goes.

I’ve found these posts from Seth Godin particularly motivating: