Apple Silicone iPhone 7 Case

I’m on my third one, and if I bought a new iPhone today I would purchase another. I just can’t seem go without a case because I do drop my phone and I cannot stand to have scratches and dings on my devices. First world problems, yes, but it drives me absolutely bonkers. Apple likes to talk about how thoroughly drop tested these products are, and I can confirm that my phone has never suffered one bit of damage from the several times it has hit the ground.

Each silicone case that I’ve owned met its demise, however, with the bottom right corner of the case completely chipping off. Yes, each case has hit the group, but they’ve never been dropped even from full standing height. Maybe I get out of the car, and my phone slides off my lap, or maybe it slides off the arm of a camping chair and hits the concrete. These drops will leave the case with a nicked corner or two, but I seriously doubt these small drops are the reason two cases in a row have failed in exactly the same way. So while I sort of understand why someone might be displeased with the case “coming apart” (so dramatic), I completely disagree with the two-star rating you will find on the Apple website.

Apple replaced each case with no questions asked. The last guy I worked with said at this point the issue is well known. He walked to the back grabbed a new case, took mine away, and handed me a brand new one. He even offered me a different color if I wanted to switch things up. To me, that communicates, “Hey, exchanging this product is no problem at all. I’m happy to help you any way I can. Thanks for being our customer.” With both exchanges, I was in and out of the store in less than five minutes.

I’ll purchase an Apple silicone case for the next iPhone I have, too. In addition to Apples five star customer service, these cases are slim, grippy (much more so than Apple’s leather iPhone cases), and they brandish a nice, muted Apple logo on the back. It would be nice if the iPhone 8 cases held up a little better, but it is also nice to have a new case every six to eight months.