Typos & Corrections – Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (BrillDAG / GE)

This post is a repository of typos I’ve found in The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek. The project manager has been informed of these and will make corrections for future releases.

Please use this site’s contact form to send me any other issues you find, and I’ll post them here.

Total of 6 issues — 7/31/17

ἐκδικέω entry is missing

κριός entry has only the headword

πρός entry has “prepic” for “prep.”

Some copies of the first printing are missing pages 515-546

κρατερός  entry has “offeelings” for “of feelings.” Not 100% sure on this, but it looks to me like a space is missing between the two words.

πέρα entry has “prepic” twice.

The entry for πενθερά on page 1609 mislabels it as “father-in-law” instead of mother-in-law. (Reported by Douglas Hamm)

The entry for βλέπω on page 391 at top of second column cites “NT Mark 2.24” should be Mark 4.24. (Reported by Douglas Hamm)

On p. 632 under the entry for ἐκκλησία, one occurrence of the word “assembly” is spelled “aseembly.” It’s in line 14 of the entry. This error is reproduced in the Logos version as well. (reported by Michael Burer)