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LXX Psalm 4

For the end with psalms — a song of David

When I called, the God of my justice heard me.

When hard-pressed, you made space for me.

Have compassion and hear my prayer.

Sons of men, how long will you be thick-headed?

Why do you love ridiculousness and chase a lie?

And know well that the Lord has made his holy one something to behold.

The Lord will hear me when I call to him.

Be angry and don’t sin.

Talk to yourselves and feel the pain as you lie in bed.

Slaughter a sacrifice of justice, and hope in the Lord.

Many say, “Who will show us good things?

The light of your face appeared upon us, Lord.

You made our hearts glad.

From the time of their wheat and wine and oil they increased.

In peace I will lie down and sleep in the same spot

Because you alone, Lord, allow me to live in peace.