Brian W. Davidson

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For the end, in psalms, for the eighth; a psalm of David

Lord, don’t deal with me in your anger; Don’t correct me in your wrath! Have mercy on me, Lord, because I am weak; restore me, Lord, because my bones were shaken, and my life was shaken utterly!

And you, Lord, when?!

Turn, Lord! Deliver my life! Save me because of your mercy! Because there is no one in death who remembers you. In Hades, who will praise you?

I was tired in my groaning. I will wash my bed each night. With my tears I will soak my sheets. My eye was irritated from anger. I was worn out in the midst of all my enemies.

Get away from me, all you who work lawlessness because the Lord heard the sound of my crying! The Lord listened to my request! The Lord received my prayer!

May they be put to shame, and may they be shaken utterly, all my enemies! May they be driven back and may they be put to shame utterly, quickly!