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This weekend I finished the third and final post on the New International Commentary (45 vols.) in Accordance Bible Software. The goal was to demonstrate both the high quality content of the commentary and how Accordance is a fanstastic platform on which to access the work.

In the first post, NICNT in Accordance Bible Software, I featured the following NT commentaries:

  • R. T. France on Matthew
  • Doug Moo on Romans
  • David deSilva on Galatians

I also note two of my favorite ways to access commentaries in Accordance:

  • Setting up a saved workspace that opens the series in fullscreen
  • Reading a commentary at length on an iPad with a two column layout

In the second post, NICOT in Accordance Bible Software, I featured the following OT comentaries:

  • Victor Hamilton on Genesis
  • John Oswalt on Isaiah
  • Tremper Longman on Ecclesiastes
  • Daniel Block on Ezekiel

At the end of this post, I illustrated two more ways of accessing commentaries in Accordance:

  • Triple-clicking a reference to jump to your preferred commentary
  • Using the info pane for quick reference when you don’t want to read extensively

The third post, NIC and Other Commentaries in Accordance, looks at the way the NIC commentary explains “law of liberty” in James and compares it to the way the term is handled in the New International Greek Testament Commentary, the Anchor Yale Bible Commentary, and Hermeneia.

The occassion that prompted this series of posts is the deeply discounted Eerdmans sale happening at Accordance until midnight Monday, 9/21.

Thank you to Accordance for providing a copy of NIC for review.