Reading Aloud without Stopping

I’ve been enjoying a new (to me) way of reading, and I wanted to share it here as a part of the ways of reading series.

This method is very simple:

  1. Read a chapter out loud without stopping.
  2. If you want, allow yourself to look up two or three words you didn’t know.
  3. Repeat steps one and two.

The core benefit: You get exponentially more input and exposure to the language, and this leads to …

  • More muscle memory and fluency in pronunciation
  • You still get to deep dive on a word or two and learn vocab the traditional way in step 2.
  • All the inexplicable benefits of vastly increased exposure to the language in context.

Think about it. Reading this way would allow you to get through the New Testament or Apostolic Fathers in no time. Don’t you think you would significantly benefit from this? Even if somehow, magically, you didn’t learn a single new vocab word, think how much more naturally you would be able to read and pronounce the language aloud. Surely, there is real benefit here.