Brian W. Davidson

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There is so much about Jesus’ life that isn’t practical. In a real sense, he is not a very practical person.

You remember the story about the woman with the alabaster box of ointment (Matthew 26:6–13)? The disciples were outraged because she had wasted the ointment by pouring it on Jesus. Was it a waste? In a very real sense, yeah. Practically, it was an utter waste. As they said, they could have sold the ointment and given the money to the poor. Jesus didn’t think that way.

Later, in the same chapter, Jesus is eating with his friends, and he knows that the one who would betray him is sitting at the table. Do you think that Jesus was unaffected in this moment? Don’t you think it bothered him that one of his friends was about to have him killed? Don’t you believe that Jesus was a real human being? How, then, could it not affect him?

How does he respond? Well, not very practically. He eats and drinks with his friends even while his world is, in a sense, collapsing. He could have been making much more practical preparations. He could have spent his last few hours doing “things that mattered,” but he spent time with his friends.

I really like this guy.