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I find myself using the Word Usage live-click feature of Accordance more and more over the past couple weeks. In this simple 3-column (2 zone) workspace, I have it in the right-hand tool zone along with lexica and a verse lookup live-click tab.

A single click on a word shows me all the occurrences of that word in the Hebrew Bible and any other ancient Hebrew literature I have included in my collection called Primary Texts.

Here are my live-click settings:

Recently, I’m using this feature as much or more than triple-clicking for lexica or live-clicking a verse reference to see other ancient versions. Here’s a Greek example.

One more example of a more common Hebrew word and the various Hebrew corpora I get results in:

  • Hebrew Bible: 162 hits
  • Non-biblical DSS: 65 hits
  • Ben Sira: 10 hits
  • Judean Desert Texts: 1 hit
  • Mishnah: 17 hits

I frequently scroll through the Hebrew Bible hits to get a feel for where the word shows up, and if I’m interested use ⌘+down to jump to other corpora.

Accordance’s Word Usage live-click feature serves as an ideal reading companion concordance: one-click and you see all the forms of your word in all your ancient texts without interrupting your reading workflow. Reduced friction between you and the data mean you use your tools more often, get more questions answered, and get back to reading more quickly.