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In Accordance, you can set your preferences so that hyperlinks open in a text browser tab. If you make room for the text browser in your workspace, you can explore any hyperlinked verse references in multiple versions.

Hyperlink to Text Browser

In your Accordance preferences, at the very bottom of the amplify section, you can tell the program to send your hyperlinks to a text browser.

In your text browser section, you can tell the program which custom user group you want your hyperlinked references to go to.

Text Browser Placement

Now, when I click on a biblical reference, like Psalm 104:15 here, the passage opens in the Ancient Bibles text browser.

Clicking ⌘+⌥+M maximizes that zone though I’m usually satisfied to see the top couple versions.

If I click on a reference included in Accordance’s classical Greek module, it opens in the same zone.

The same thing happens if you find a reference to the Apostolic Fathers. Clicking the hyperlink opens multiple versions in the zone allotted for the text browsers.

I make the text for these text browsers just a little smaller than what you see in the main texts that live at the top left of the workspace.

I find it helpful to leave these text browsers open because they will recycle when I click another link. If you are interested, you can find serveral other workspace ideas here.