Brian W. Davidson

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I’ve been thinking back even more frequently than usually the past couple days to my time at Gardner-Webb University. I’m so thankful for Drs. Ron Williams, Kent Blevins, Paula Qualls, Alice Cullinan, and Perry Hildreth.

Even nearly twenty years later, I think of these people frequently. Many times the memories are triggered by books I used back then and continue to turn to today — the IVP black dictionaries, the Anchor Bible Dictionary, the Word Biblical Commentary, and BDAG. I love that my experience with these master teachers is anchored to these reference works.

When I think of Gardner-Webb, but especially the group of professors listed above, I think of thoughtful professors, wise people, with patient, smiling faces. I was blessed to spend evenings with them after work, sitting in their night classes from 6–10pm. They were so patient and kind to a really immature and passionate twenty-something me.

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