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Zondervan has released a new NIV Thinline in their Premier Collection, and in this post I want to demonstrate why this Bible is an ideal everyday carry for most people. This Bible provides a portable thinline profile with a durable goatskin cover and a very readable 9-point NIV Typeface created by 2K/Denmark.

Here’s the product details provided by HarperCollins:

  • ISBN-13: 9780310462750
  • Handbound with goatskin leather
  • Five raised spine hubs
  • Smyth-sewn and edge-lined
  • Blue under gold art gilded
  • 36 GSM premium European Bible paper
  • Black-letter text
  • Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface
  • 9-point font size
  • 9.95(h) x 6.81(w) x 1.44(d) inches


The premier collection packaging never disappoints.

Within the two-piece box, the Bible comes wrapped in thick black paper held together the trademark Premier Collection seal.


Three gorgeous, color-coordinated ribbons are included.

The gold ribbon matches the page gilding, the blue ribbon matches the blue art gilding, chapter numbers and headings, which you will see below, and the brown ribbon matches the goatskin cover.

Page Design and Gilding

The pages are accented with light blue titles, headings, and chapter numbers. In this picture, you can see how well the page accents match the blue-under-gold art gilding:

The light blue accents look fantastic in combination with the gold gilding and the brown goatskin cover.

Font & Size

The NIV Comfort Print typeface is gorgeous and easy to read. 9-point is an ideal size for most people, and in my experience a Comfort Print font usually reads a little larger. I typically do not buy a Bible that has a font smaller than 10-point, but I could easily read this 9-point font at length.

This NIV is a true thinline. It is an ideal size to hold, and I don’t just mean it is a nice size to hold when carrying it from one point to the next. It is small enough to hold in various ways even as you read. The 9-point font is large enough that you can easily read the text when holding the Bible with two hands over your lap, but the Bible is light enough to comfortably sit back and hold it up closer to your face, as well.


This is a Zondervan Premier Collection Bible, and these Bibles are always premium. I have a few compliments to offer regarding construction, but there is also one significant issue to point out. Let’s take a look at the good things first.

Premier Collection Bibles are edge-lined for durability as you can see in this picture:

The Bible easily lays flat, but the goatskin cover is rigid enough to offer some support when you are holding the Bible with one hand.

You could easily hold this Bible with one hand when preaching or teaching.

Here is the one issue with which I was pretty disappointed: Notice the rough-cut of the leather around the edge and corners:

Both of the top corners look this way. Now, in combination with the brown goatskin cover, one could consider this a type of rugged design feature. I think that is how some people who purchase this Bible will interpret the issue. This is not what I expect, however, when buying a premium Bible. I consider this very sloppy work.

I am noting this issue in the construction section because it relates to quality of craftmanship, but this is an aesthetic issue. I think it is significant, but it does not hinder the durability of the Bible. If the inside and outside of the cover were the same color, you would never notice what I’m pointing out here.


The NIV Thinline Premier Collection Bible is an ideal Bible for most people. The size is perfect for carrying to work, school, or church. The font is a bold 9-point Comfort Print that provides easy readability while still being small enough to allow the Bible to be a true thinline. It is light enough to hold in various ways as you read — no lap necessary. The goatskin cover has the slightest bit of sheen that makes me feel comfortable setting the Bible on a table or desk without worrying that whatever little bits of debris might be on the desk will stick to it. Finally, I love the spin hubs. I’m so happy to see Zondervan add these to their Premier Collection Bibles. I highly recommend this Bible as long as the rough cut corner work on the inside edge of the cover is not an issue for you.

Thanks to Zondervan for sending me this Bible for review.

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