Graduate Research Seminar: Writing Tools

I gave a talk today at the SBTS Graduate Research Seminar about writing tools for seminar papers and dissertations. Here’s the handout: GRS 2016 – Writing Tools

We covered the following:

Google Drive | Office 365 | Templates | Zotero | 1Password | PDF Expert

The last two are not directly related to writing but are too helpful to leave out. If you only subscribe to one thing in all of your life, let it be 1Password (links in the handout).

I didn’t go into Mellel or Bookends because only a small percentage of students use these — especially since Word 2016 now handles right-to-left when using a compatible font like Times New Roman (not SBL Hebrew or BibLit). I also didn’t mention Ulysses, which is the program I used to write the handout (PDF export style: Rough Cut).


6 responses to “Graduate Research Seminar: Writing Tools”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Do you happen to have a Ulysses export style that matches the SBTS Reqs? I’m a current student.
    Thank you!Brian

  2. Unfortunately, I do not. The requirements are so specific that you have to use Libre Office, Word, or Mellel — Pages is not even capable of formatting a document correctly.