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How to start speaking Greek

I want to recommend one simple way to get started speaking Greek. It’s free. All you need is one other person who wants to pursue the same goal. I have in mind those of you who have studied Greek in a grammar-translation way, perhaps for many years, but have not yet started down the path…

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Revelation 5–6

John is so engulfed in what he sees that he actually begins to cry when there is no one found worthy to open the scroll (5:3). I’ve always found that striking. Whatever he sees, it’s a scene of immense tension and apparently sadness. He watches and cries. The first words of comfort: “The lion has…

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How to Reread a Text

Rereading is your single most important tool, but instructors rarely take the time to show others how. It’s self-explanatory, right? Just reread. Well, what I’ve learned is there are different ways to reread a text and people benefit from a bit of an introduction. I want to point out Luke Ranieri’s technique. If language acquisition…

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